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How to Care for Leather Boots and Shoes

A great pair of comfortable and stylish leather boots or shoes is worth taking care of. With our leather conditioner for boot and shoes, it is simple and easy to do, and it will save you money as you won’t need to buy new ones so often!

Over time, leather dries out and can become worn, faded and cracked. Given we wear our footwear outdoors and it has to deal with all sorts of weather like rain and snow, it is even more likely to become damaged if you don’t know how to protect and care for your leather boots and shoes.

How to Clean Leather Boots and Shoes

Simply remove dirt and debris with a damp, soft cloth and then wipe them dry. Avoid using any chemical or abrasive cleaner as this will damage or dry out the leather even more.

Leather conditioner for boots and shoes before and after.

How to Condition Leather Boots and Shoes 

Lord Leather Conditioner for boots and shoes

Our classic leather conditioner is the ultimate leather boot conditioner. It will restore and rejuvenate your old leather boots and shoes, protect them from further damage, and extend their life. It is natural and non-toxic, will soften your leather beautifully and also make it more resilient.

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Always test a small, inconspicuous area first. Then, using our soft microfiber applicator, apply a thin coat all over your shoes or boots. Depending on the condition of them, leave it to soak in and work its magic for a few hours, or overnight if possible. If the leather is quite dry, it will have become lighter in color, so it will darken in color as the leather becomes rehydrated.

Now, you can wipe off any excess product and buff with a clean, lint-free soft cloth. Your boots or shoes will be soft, shiny and in beautiful condition.

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If you have very old boots which have become extremely dried out, you may need to repeat the process with additional coats. Once your boots or shoes are looking restored, we advise you to treat them at least every six months if you wear them on a regular basis.

Leather boot conditioner before and after photo. 

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